Citizens First party allowed to hold it’s rally in Kitwe tomorrow

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba


  1. And they will be embarrassed that there will be no one to attend the party meeting. I think HH should be allowing thses guys to be ASSEMBLING EVEN BENE LUNGU should be allowed so that we see where they will end. They don’t even have followers

  2. Yes well done Police, we hope they will be talking about sensible things patterning to our challenges in the country and not an opportunity to attach HH and his government.

  3. Long overdue. Let the opposition hold their rallies. By the end of 2025, the people will be fatigued and disinterested in hearing the opposition complaining about everything but offering no practical solutions.

    It is interesting to note that the response from the police talks about “notification”. I would assume that a notification is not the same as a request. A request can be denied but with a notification, you are merely informing the concerned party and you do not need their approval to do whatever you are notifying them about. So why have the police been denying opposition to hold rallies?

  4. It’s amazing!! These Zambezi provincials think they are riding high in popularity! Unfortunately for Zambia, the 2026 election ballots will exclude the main opposition.Only token opposition “candidates “ like Hasampa will be permitted to run. Yes, you will call this a win.
    A fair contest,like the 2021 election was,would send you packing. No right thinking person would retain you into government AGAIN!!!


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