…says in its current state, the institution is incapable of fighting corruption.

LUSAKA, Friday, January 14, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

LUMEZI Member of Parliament Hon Munir Zulu has said the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in its current state has no capacity to fight corruption.

Hon Zulu told journalists in Lusaka today that the current crop of Investigators at ACC are concentrating only on appeasing politicians.

He said he will soon move a motion in Parliament for the establishment of the Zambia Bureau of Investigators.

Meanwhile, Hon Zulu has challenged the officers at the ACC to show the country what they posses as opposed to pointing fingers at other people that they are corrupt.

“Let us investigate them let us go to package, let us go to lands. We print a list of the properties they own today and compare with their salaries. It is a total mismatch,” he said.

Hon Zulu has also lamented that the fight against corruption has been regionalised.

“Tell me one region that is being victimised if not Eastern or Northern Region, tell me one name. Out of the 18 million Zambians, tell me one name from Western or Southern Provinces.. it is a regional fight, no two ways about it,” he said.

Hon Zulu has also called on fourth Republican President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to advise the current President.

“RB is the only man apparently the current President can listen from. Let him advise accordingly,” he said.


  1. This is a very good suggestion.

    In the meantime, we will do audits on you and your fellow PF with questionable sources of income.

  2. This country called Zambia is not workable because over 75% of people who originate from former Northeastern Rhodesia believe that they need Zambia to enrich themselves. They do not see Zambia as a country where laws have to respected for the benefit all those that live in it. This is why most of economic plunders and abusers of taxpayers money come from the same region. Unfortunately also some of those who should be fighting corruption also originate from former Northeastern Rhodesia and easily compromise with corrupt individuals. It is for such reasons why it is so important for Barotseland to leave Zambia.

  3. I do not think that Musumali believes in what he is saying. But he is saying what he is saying to drive a point home. It also surprises me that plunderers of Government are now saying the fight against corruption is tribal even before they are declared innocent by courts. It also surprises any normal human being that when officials of PF who were in Government, when they run into problems with the law they quickly involve the President.

  4. The journalists are useless. They don’t know that Joe Malanji has had his day with the ACC and he doesn’t hail from Eastern, Northern or Luapula province? Munir Zulu wants a tribal war in Zambia. After being ejected in parliament by Speaker Nelly Mutti for turning up in religious dress, Zulu claimed that Muslims abroad will begin to think that in Zambia they (Muslims) don’t have space to practise their religion. Isn’t a pattern emerging here about what type of person Munir Zulu is?

  5. Rubbish no tribe here. If you choose yourselves at the exclusion of other tribes then you yourselves being corrupt engaged in criminal activities you have no right to accuse others of persecuting you because you come from your region. This is a stupid and nonsense argument.

    If you stole regardless of which region you come from you need to be arrested. Period.

    Just go and answer for your crime such dull statements to ran away from you won crimes won’t be tolerated even but the chiefs in your region .

  6. The previous day, you were claiming to be excited about appearing before the ACC, after running away now you are complaining. Probably the ACC should now revisit and reopen your old case. There is no reason why you would pay someone a bribe if you are clean. You just went to Parliament and you want to come out and condemn everyone else including institutions of governance and you want people to believe you are the only person that is clean. When you were first summoned to appear before ACC you weren’t there and was looking to bribe someone for your file to disappear. Well, I guess now you have provided ACC with an opportunity to revisit your old case for reinvestigation.

  7. Seriously we should support this Zulu f00l and sit back and watch as he matches himself to prison.
    And police is this not the character that was filmed fighting Emmasdale police officers?What is he doing making noise?Is this not the f00l that spent K300mn to buy useless Lungu’s hat?What are you waiting for?Kafyanteni ka zizile


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