Constitutional Court Session for Former President Edgar Lungu


Constitutional Court Session for Former President Edgar Lungu

Tomorrow, the Constitutional Court of Zambia is set to hear a pivotal case regarding former President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to contest future elections. The matter, brought forward by Michelo Chizombe, who challenged the constitutionality of President Lungu seeking a third term in office in the 2021 general elections.

This case has attracted substantial public and media attention, as its outcome could have profound implications for Zambia’s political landscape and the enforcement of constitutional law.

The government has since warned that they do not want to see any political party cadres parading during this high-profile court proceeding. Measures, including the temporary closure of some public roads, will be implemented to ensure public order and security.

Stay tuned for live updates and detailed analysis as the session progresses.


  1. hh fears ediger lungu and wants to brock ecl from participating in 2026 election.Already last time the con court ruled that edigar is eligible,so we shall see how compromised courts have become under hh

  2. Upnd and Hichilema are just bringing more problems to themselves, and a good thing for Zambians. If Edgar Lungu did not qualify to stand in 2021, then elections will be null and void, and elections cancelled. So fresh elections to be held! And all appointments made by Hichilema from 2021 to date cancelled. The Chief Justice before 2021 elections would take over government and conduct fresh elections. That would be very good blessing for the suffering Zambians, they would now know who not to vote for and who to vote for , for a better and habitable Zambia for all Zambians, not for one tribe!

  3. Yes , Hakainde’s courts, rule that ECL didn’t qualify for 2021…and we will sue to nullify the 2021 Presidential Elections…the then Deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwamba should take over, since Ireen Mambilima is deceased..and arrange fresh elections.
    What a wonderful day it will be to get rid of this useless President… incompetent, a total failure, a Tribalist , and dictator who is daily destroying the country…
    The nation awaits! Justice Munalula, we await your ruling!

  4. Pfidiots continue dreaming thinking the 2021 elections of HH7 as President can be nullified. This matter in court is to establish whether after being sworn in two times chakolwa is eligible to contest again you stupid pfidiots!!!

  5. Ba We want peace, in 2021 when Mr. Lungu went for the third term, we heard the same argument of “the opposition is scared of the Lungu candidacy”. The Constitutional Court, in a moment of weakness, did his bidding and granted him a third term attempt.

    It took us, the voters, to deliver the final decisive verdict that sent Mr. Lungu reeling to the floor, flat on his face.

    Now you are back again with the same song of argument of HH fears Lungu. There is nothing special about Mr. Lungu. Under his reign the whole judicial system was compromised such Mr. Emmanuel “Jay Jay” Banda who raided the Lusaka Central Police station (this amounts treason) was charged with a ridiculously minor infringement and fined K150 for this heinous act because of his connections to the then President, Mr. Lungu.


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