The census recruitment process in Mazabuka, has been marred by reported cases of corruption, as names of people who did not apply appear on the list.

The information reaching this publication from Mazabuka is that some people who never wrote or even applied for census have their names on the list, yet some people who scored from 40 to 80 have their names left out.

Meanwhile, the youths of Mazabuka are calling on the relevant authorities to take keen interest in the matter as they are not happy with the process.

Apparently, President Hakainde Hichilema has been preaching about zero tolerance to corruption since the time he assumed office, but some people just seem to have paid no heed to it.

As it stands, Hichilema’s fight against corruption does not look like one he promised at Heroes Stadium when taking the Oath.


  1. People should get used to the fact that Hakainde has shown a Sean Tembo when it comes to fighting corruption. He has zero appetite to fight corruption and theft.

    Imagine this chap does not even talk about asset recoveries or the Euro bonds that got stolen. Even fire tenders and gassings are now confined to the history books sans justice.

    And yet, praise singers are adding more verses to their praise songs.



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