Council of UKA presidents differ over “drunk” Lungu…Kateka, Mwamba advised against the former addressing the rally


Council of UKA presidents differ over “drunk” Lungu

…Kateka, Mwamba advised against the former addressing the rally

THERE was drama at Twiple Centre in Kitwe on Saturday as leaders of the opposition United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) differed over former President Edgar Lungu addressing the rally as he was visibly “drunk.”

The UKA Presidents, according to sources, were concerned that the former Head of State was drinking throughout the night on Friday and had very little rest before he could address the rally.

“In fact New Heritage Party President, Chishala Kateka, and PF Central Committee member Emmanuel Mwamba were totally against the former President addressing the rally because they were not too sure what he would say during the Inaugural rally.

“We needed to deliver a clear message to the Zambian people and we all depended on the former President doing justice,” said one of the UKA sources.

The former President instead of addressing real issues was busy trying to fight the Head of State President Hakainde Hichilema.

When the former President took to the podium instead of addressing issues he started calling the current President chimbwi, mambala and all manner of names against prior advice to the contrary.

The visibly drunk Lungu was incoherent making the other organisers panic.

In his drunken stupor, Lungu went as far as even hallucinated that the Police were about to disrupt the meeting.


  1. Need we say more? The man remains true to character. Drunk, visionless, misleading, selfish, and totally unfit to be a leader. Zambia is not short of leaders to settle for this calibre.

  2. UPND a bunch of confused spirits ever in oblivion. Irredeemable pathological liars. Instead of responding with what the president achieved whilst attending whatever party he went to attend in UK they’re ill bent to scandalise their opponents shows. Mediocrity runs from it’s head to those headless praise singers.
    I recall Sata’s promise to evict indians and chinese from shops once elected because Zambians had fewer shops or market. Mwanawasa positively responded with a modernised soweto market only for Zambians.

    • Diversion and distraction Sir! The Article is about someone being drunk and other members of his Group panicking. Stick to the Subject, waffling loses you marks in the Exam. On the issue of beer and being drunk, if beer led someone up to the presidency of the country and it still makes him remain popular among Zambians why should he change, it’s a “Winning Formula” for him! Citizens get the Leaders they deserve, as the Saying goes.

    • 2.1 PF LOSERS FOR 2.1 PF IDIOTS m*tuvi yako for failing to accept reality that your drunken PF/ UKWA bag President messed up the show. Only a complete PF idiot can support Edgar Lungu

    • We know the Gestapo has been rehearsing the abductions of UKA presidential hopefuls to coincide with nomination dates for 2026 elections and the HaECZ has already set the ballot exclusion procedures in motion. So Ms Forest,we are going to just wait and see, so will Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh!!!

  3. Lungu was weaned and ceased from alcohol consumption by his medical team ten years ago after collapsing. He doesnt drink any more.

    • Ba Nurse, are you Mr. Lungu’s keeper? With Alcoholism, the chances of a relapse are high, especially under a lot of stress.

      Ati “he doesnot drink anymore”. Really? How does he occupy his time?

  4. Nothing like – chimbwi no plan, mambala, the truth of the matter is UKA is headed by Lungu as president. All we head was Lungu is the leader of UKA.
    So if abena chishala kateka are saying that he was drunk, the answer is UKA came to be introduced as standing President in 2026 ” nimbwela, nimbwela”


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