Court challenges DR Congo president’s election victory

Katumbi, Tshisekedi

One of the people running to be president in Congo doesn’t think the current president should have won again, so they are asking to have the election looked at again.

Théodore Ngoy got the fewest votes in the election, and he is the only one asking for the presidential results to be canceled.

He submitted the request to the Constitutional Court on Wednesday, just before the two-day deadline.

Mr Ngoy, who is a lawyer and a pastor, also tried to become the president in 2018 but he didn’t win.

He said to the French RFI news website that he wanted the fake election results announced by the country’s electoral commission, Ceni, cancelled.

The court has one week to look at the request and make a decision.

The two main candidates who did not win, Moïse Katumbi and Martin Fayulu, said they will not go to court to argue the election results, but they want people to protest against them.

The Constitutional Court will tell us the final results on 12 January.

The president got about 73% of the votes in the December 20th election, but there were a lot of problems with organizing it.


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