LUSAKA, May 4,2022— Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Dominic Makalicha has warned the Anti-Corruption Commission officers to stop intimidating the accused persons and their witnesses in the case of Amos Chanda and two others.

The stern warning was delivered in a ruling responding to the defence application to commit for contempt, arresting officer Mr Mbewe who threatened defence witness Musonda Mulenga.

Magistrate Makalicha said the accused were innocent until proven otherwise and that they had the right to call any witnesses without any hindrances from the prosecution.

Defence lawyer Joseph Chirwa submitted that the desperation by the prosecution was calculated to defeat the ends of justice by leaving the accused in “wonderland as to what other machinations they, and their witnesses would be subjected to.”

The matter arose out of arresting officer Joseph Mbewe’s decision to confront Mr Musonda in front of the court ablution block asking him what he wanted to tell the court and whether he was ready for the consequences of appearing as a witness.

The court said that such practices must stop forthwith and warned that should such unbecoming behavior recur, he would take drastic measures against the culprits.

“These people (the accused) are innocent because this court has not made any pronouncement on their status. And they are free to call any witnesses as they please without anyone asking them anything.”

The state obliged and promised to abide by the court guidance.

This is the case in which ACC has accused Amos Chanda, his wife and sister-in-law of using insulting language against them. The accused opened their defence on May 3.


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