Dan Pule refuses to be trialed by a Tonga magistrate


Pule takes ‘tribalism’ to court

OPPOSITION preacher Dan Pule, currently on trial for tribal hate hate speech, has sparked fresh controversy by persisting with ethnic-driven rhetoric.

He has raised concerns about receiving a fair trial citing Principal Resident Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya’s regional background.

Pule has requested a determination on whether Principal Resident Magistrate Munyinya, from the Southern region, can impartially preside over his case.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba June 13, 2024


  1. So this is where it has reached now. Isn’t this a frivolous application given that Danny Pule hasn’t specified the tribe or tribes the acceptable magistrate should come from? So far, only the unacceptable tribe is known.

  2. This is a sad day for Zambia. And these are the people we call”men of God”. Far from it. Jail this fake priest to send a strong message that anybody trying to divide Zambians is a n enemy of the state. Shame ba Pule whi h God do you pray to?

    • He may be deliberately fueling fire to be locked up for good; running away from responsibilities of looking after his wife and family now that he may not be as affluent as he was before.

  3. I remember the time we were growing up, we were being told that the older the Pearson becomes, the more grey hairs he grows the more wise he becomes, what has happened to that philosophy? Is it the opposite now, it’s like the age is making some people more foolish meaning that they become more wisdom deficient. Even in Church, I don’t think I can manage to sit and listen to a sermon from such a person. Imagine if all the Tongas stopped going to his church, how would he feel? An Apostle is there to mend divisions in the church, unite the people by preaching the love of the Father which is also in his son. No wonder Christ called some Jews as brood of vipers, they were just offering lip service and their hearts were very far God. A man of God is the one in whose mouth is no guile. Maybe in Zambia now, we have too much freedom where we can even choose which Judge to handle your case, Boma iyangane po.

    • Maybe try to find out why he has refused by the said magistrate instead of saying his action is foolish. It is also his legal right.

  4. This is all Hakainde’s fault. You can not practice tribalism, yet preach against it.

    I also wonder why Hakainde is using Tonga judges to preside over his enemies.

    This is indeed a very sad state of affairs.

    This is not the Zambia we voted for in 2021.

    • This is total madness and dangerous. Which jurisdiction in the world allows one to choose the tribe, race or gender of a trial judge?

      Very soon he will say he cannot attend a church service where the preacher is Tonga. He will not accept Tongas to be members of his church.He will not accept a Tonga to teach his children at university, secondary or primary school. He will not accept to be driven or flown by a Tonga driver and pilot.

      Where will it end?

  5. People should open their eyes now because most of these men of God are fake. They run these churches for financial gain and it has nothing to do with God. Action speak louder than words, this man doesn’t deserve to enter a place of worship because he’s full of evil.

  6. Is this advice from his two-man defence team or it’s his instruction to the lawyers to raise in court? It looks troubling and I would have expected the lawyers to prevail on him that the application looks dumb. We’re sailing in stormy waters as a jurisdiction.

    • You have hit the nail on the head.

      I might add that he is unlikely to get his request and will therefore have to deal with the same judge.

  7. The courts have been reduced to partisan/regional tribunals. The magistrate should save face and recuse himself/herself.

  8. The accused has all the rights to express reservations when he feels that the Presiding officer is conflicted..If the accused feels the conflict is tribal, and thinks he won’t get a fair trial under some tribe, he has all the rights to let the courts know.
    We know of the accused being sent to Southern Province for trial, and what is happening there. Chama is a case study, and ‘Why me ‘ too .
    And we are seeing how some people with similar cases of Tribal Hate speech can’t find their day in court…sacred and untouchable.
    The Zambia we have become is something else… Apostle Pule is justified to express his reservations…
    We have further seen how some Tribally inclined Judges are behaving in some cases…just caressing cases and not passing any judgements..and discharging cases on strange preliminary issues..
    The learned Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa expressed concern too on how cases are being allocated, seemingly showing a tribal bias.
    How Nations fail. The curse of the Mingalatoon’s times.

    • Next we will hear that the lecturer that passed The judges were tribally inclined. If I commit a traffic offence and the arresting policeman is from another tribe I will cry foul. When I go to the hospital I must insist on medical personnel only from my tribe to attend to me. Have you seen how ridiculous all this sounds?

  9. Government should close that ka Church of this ka faza. This is going to grow big if left untamed. We don’t want another Rwanda anywhere. Government should be very firm on this one act swiftly to cage these fake priests masquerading as engels yet they are wolves in sheep’s skins. These fake pastors never talk about Jesus who is the Church. They talk about money day in day out. Speed up the trial ka Faza kabe jailed bwangu bwangu. He is a misfit to society and therefore be kept where he belongs pa Mukobeko.

    • He is facing charges aimed at protecting a certain ethnic group only! Archbishop Banda falls outside this group. Batuke Imenda’s Lucifer comment doesn’t count.

    • They do not need to think outside the box. They only use the Law to make rulings. This man is an idiot,I pray that the Judiciary should not entertain his request.

  10. Ahahaha what iam aware of is that most of the Old guard are tribalists.
    Pls change ba mudala.
    Not everything must be seen in tribal lense!!

    • True
      The only people who have trouble with tribe nima Nkote over 40!
      In another 40 years, Zambia will be free from tribalists!

  11. Mmmmm! This man can really divide the country. Are there no spirit-filled men in that church to counsel this divisive man? Shame on you ba Pule who profess to know God and yet don’t have the character of God. Better you don’t even associate yourself to the God of heaven.


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