Dangote Refinery Faces Alleged Sabotage Plot By International Oil Companies


In a startling revelation that underscores the complexities of Nigeria’s oil industry, Devakumar Edwin, Vice President of Dangote Group, has accused International Oil Companies (IOCs) of orchestrating a devious plot to undermine the operations of Dangote Refinery, a cornerstone of the nation’s industrial ambitions.

The unfolding drama, replete with allegations of economic sabotage and regulatory lapses, threatens not only the viability of Africa’s largest refinery but also Nigeria’s pursuit of energy self-sufficiency and economic sovereignty.

The accusations leveled by Edwin paint a picture of calculated efforts by IOCs to manipulate crude oil prices and orchestrate artificial shortages. According to him, these maneuvers aim to compel Dangote Refinery into importing costly crude from the United States, thus driving up operational expenses to unsustainable levels. “What we are witnessing is not mere competition; it’s a deliberate attempt to stifle our refinery and undermine Nigeria’s industrial progress,” Edwin asserted during a press briefing.

Furthermore, Edwin criticized the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) for allegedly granting licenses for the importation of banned, low-quality diesel and jet fuel. Despite Dangote Refinery’s capacity to produce high-grade, ECOWAS-compliant fuels, the market has reportedly been flooded with inferior products, undermining efforts to set and maintain quality standards in the industry.

“This regulatory failure is deeply concerning,” Edwin remarked, highlighting the regulatory environment as a critical factor in the refinery’s struggle to uphold quality and operational integrity amidst external pressures.

The ramifications of these alleged actions are far-reaching, potentially affecting Nigeria’s energy security and economic stability. As investigations into these claims intensify, stakeholders and the public await further developments amid calls for transparency and accountability in the nation’s vital energy sector.

The saga surrounding Dangote Refinery underscores the intricate dynamics at play in Nigeria’s oil industry, where the pursuit of corporate interests intersects with national economic imperatives, leaving significant implications for the future trajectory of Africa’s largest economy.


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