Davies Mwila Has Challenged Acc To State Why They Have Engaged Americans To Investigate PF For Corruption



Former Patriotic – PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila, has challenged the Anti-Corruption Commission-ACC to state why they have engaged people from the United States of America to investigate the party for corruption.

He accuses the United Party for National Development-UPND administration and law enforcement agencies of collectively failing to prove that PF leaders stole public funds.

Mwila is quoted in the News Diggers Newspaper stating that the ACC is going round institutions with foreign individuals, questioning if Parliament was consulted before the move as the case demands.

He has charged that law enforcement agencies are abusing the law of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime without proving individuals committed corrupt acts in acquiring the supposed loot.

Mwila has noted that for the one year five months the UPND have been in government, the have failed to prove that members of the PF stole public resources, stating that no one has been charged for theft.

He has submitted that Parliament is supposed to know and give permission to law enforcers before what he terms as sneaking Americans to investigate Zambian citizens


  1. If you are not being investigated yourself, why should you worry even if government brought Museveni to investigate, you can only worry if you are directly affected. Now if it is true that people from outside have been engaged, it could be to do with money stashed in offshore accounts and in that case that would be a good way to go.

  2. Mwila shut you ass, you are the only magician in Zambia that had completed master degree in 3 month, live poor for 45 years and but made all your money in 3 years, built, bought expensive car, clothes, farm fully installed automated battery cage, you a criminal genius that needs foreign investigators.


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