By Ruth Chayinda-

The Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC has taken possession of 15 flats believed to be proceeds of crime belonging to ESTHER NYAWA TEMBO.

DEC Public Relations Officer MATHIAS KAMANGA says the flats in State Lodge area are believed to have been abandoned hence the Commission taking over possession.

Mr. KAMANGA says the commission is however yet to establish who ESTHER NYAWA TEMBO is following the quick verification of the details found inside the property which is complete and ready for occupation.

He says Ministry of Lands records show that the flats are sitting on a plot number which is assigned to a plot in Kasama Northern Province.

Mr. KAMANGA has since advised the owner of the flats, ESTHER NYAWA TEMBO to engage the Anti Money Laundering Unit of the DEC.

He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News at the site in State Lodge area.

Mr. KAMANGA said whoever constructed the flats is alleged to have allocated themselves the land as the details from the ministry of lands do not show the actual owner of the property.


  1. The headline and what is discussed in the article are two different. I am sure the owner will come and claim. I am teminded of the 51 houses. It was sensetionalised until an ordinary accountant stood his grounds. Zambians, let us wake up. As we pursue criminals let us not use that time to victimise innocent people.

  2. Lungu is not clever & will not hide until his past misdeeds against the poor people is brought to the fore. We as Zambians must sincerely thank our God for being urged to vote Lungu out,? as he was going to be the worst dictator Africa has ever had.

  3. The heading and the write up do not match. In the write up it is not known who Esther Nyawa Tembo is. The DEC is appealing to Esther Nyawa Tembo to come forward. Yet the heading says the flats belong to former first lady, which former first lady? Half baked reporters must be censored mwe. This maybe lije the story of the “abandoned” motir vehicles discovered in Makeni. Todate we have not heard of the conclusion of that story

  4. Crime does not pay. The process of getting thieves to account is near completion. How on earth can people with little income boast of riches while public service employees were suffering without payment of terminal benefits.

  5. The criminality under pf knew no limits. In the same vein, the law should show no limits in bringing to book all the pompwes who took part in looting the country dry. No mercy should be shown to these heartless crooks.

  6. There are flats with similar features opposite Mukuba Shopping Mall in Kitwe and I have always wondered which rich Zambian built those suddenly like the Biblical words of creation: “let there be the sun and the sun came into being”.

    DEC should take interest, they may discover that the same Nyawa Tembo Esther or her relatives own those flats.

  7. DEC, that matter must be concluded within 2 months and the houses can be given to a government department. Paper trail is everywhere

  8. Zambian investigative wings need to be serious than mere posturing! They’re not behaving professional by multi tasking on investigations that are yielding nothing! In the first place their offices have existed for years serving different government and leadership (UNIP, MMD, PF and now, UPND) but yielding nothing tangible to help with instilling order and integrity in the management of national resources for the benefit of the country and it’s people. These investigative wings keep chasing and harassing minnows and not sharks devastating life in God’s waters!


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