Did you know the historical site where polish refugees found asylum upon fleeing the brutality of the NAZI and Russian Forces in 1943 is located in Ndola?

The Polish World War II Memorial Site is located at the borders of the city near the Bwana Mkubwa Mine area which was one of the main camps used to receive thousands of Polish refugees that arrived in Northern Rhodesia during World War II.

During the War, 18 000 Polish asylum seekers found their way in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) after German Soldiers under Adolf Hitler and Russian soldiers under Joseph Stalin invaded Poland in 1943.

The historical monument, depicting the Polish Flag, was erected in Ndola at the place that used to be a refugee camp for the Polish people during the war. It has been built against an anthill at what used to be the entrance of the refugee camp.

Not far from the monument is a graveyard, where the first Europeans (including the British) who established Bwana Mkubwa Mine and some Polish refugees are buried.

After World War II, some of the Polish people who lived at the refugee camp left the country while others remained in Zambia, where they worked in the mines and in industries on the Copperbelt Province.

Issued by
Ndola City Council Public Relations Unit


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