Pastor Jimmy Kay has angrily responded to a comment which was made by gospel artist Ephraim on his post.

In the post, pastor Jimmy Kay was advising women not to marry men who only pray in tongues and can’t pay bills.

He wrote; “one of the biggest frustration in life is to have Jesus in your heart and no money in your sister please don’t marry a guy who speaks in tongues and can’t pay bills.

any man that spends more time at the mountain speaking in tongues and can’t take care of his family is a wicked must have balance.”

Below is Ephraim’s comment and Pastor Jimmy Kay’s response



  1. Ephraim is right and wise. This young pastor and has not lived long enough to understand that life gives different circumstances.

    In these times we are living in Pastors need to be wise to encourage their members to trust in God as their source as Jobs and business are facing a lot of challenges.

    It is irresponsible to suggest that during these hard circumstances, a praying husband should be attacked just because he is going through a dry moment. Of course wisdom needs to be applied here, praying and doing nothing for action is not encouraged. Faith without works is day. However if you think you are the force that is making things happen then you are deeply mistaken and must be trusting in your own strength and will probably fail soon when the testing comes.

    Praying in tongues should not be belittled as it is a super natural gift from the Holy Spirit to help all believers to overcome the various issues they pass through and also praying the will of God.

    If, the pastor on the other hand is talking about laziness it is a different matter and should be properly addressed differently. No work no food. A little slumber or folding of hands and poverty will come upon you like a bandit. It is about principles.

    There is need to grow in the things of the Lord and to humbly serve. This reaction just shows the immaturity and pride in a person who is supposed to be a servant for all.

  2. Is Jimmy Kay a real man of God? Is he a real pastor who saves a living God? If so, let him change his language into a Godly language which can change people’s lives not language yabukaponya eyo balebonfya mukushauta ba Ephraim.

  3. Mumbling gibberish does not make u a pastor instead it gives an impression of a mad man.

    Christianity and the bible was not written for you but for the Hebrews who lived those time. As for you, you can not even draw your family tree let alone your heritage or ancenstry. I people without a history does not exist.
    Wake up.
    The chinese have kept their history WE GO TO BEG FROM THEM
    The Koreans have kept their history WE GO TO BEG FROM THEM
    The Indians have kept their history THEY HAVE DECONGESTED Lusaka
    Zambia where is our history?


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