By Samuel Khwawe

All Democratic Party (DP) Structures from the 14 districts of Eastern Province have ditched their party citing lack of leadership following the resignation of Harry Kalaba.

The DP leadership led by Eastern Province Chairman Danton Njobvu claim that the deep rooted wrangles that engulfed the party has made ordinary Zambians to lose trust and hope in the party.

Mr. Njobvu says the structures see no leadership qualities in the remaining party leaders hence their decision to leave.

The Pro-Kalaba leaders believe Mr. Kalaba was the only leader who had a vision for the party.

And DP Eastern Province Chairlady Regina Nyoni says the party has struggled to grow in numbers since the start of the wrangles between the faction led by Mr. Kalaba and that of Mrs. Judith Kabemba.

When contacted for a comment Democratic Party National Chairperson Judith Kabemba says all party structures were dissolved by the former DP President Harry Kalaba.

She says all those claiming that they belong to the DP are hallucinating.


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