The DIrector of Public Prosecution (DPP) Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni SC

By Peter Sinkamba


I understand that DPP Lillian Siyuni lost her application at JCC to be represented by the Attorney General.

As I indicated in my last post on the subject matter, I would have been shocked if the JCC entertained such an application for two reasons.

First, from its own procedural precedence, the Attorney General does not represent any judicial officer or judges that appear before JCC. Any appearance is either in person or lawyer of choice. The Attorney General only attends as an interested party, and not to defend the accused judicial officer or judge.

Second, the nature of cases that come to JCC concern gross misconduct that is likely to bring the name and integrity of the judiciary into disrepute such as corruption, bribery, rape, defilement, etc.

The other set of offence concern incompetence.

Thus, the State should not be seen to be shielding or entertaining gross misconduct and incompetence in the delivery of justice. The stream of justice must be pure, not polluted.

Even if she appealed against this decision of JCC, she is likely to lose on this issue.

My advice once again: DPP should simply resign. There is integrity in resignation. She may retain her State Counsel conferment and emoluments if she resigned. But she is fired, she may lose both. The choice is hers. But like I said in my last post, legal gymnastics have short legs. Reality will soon catch up with her.


  1. Good observation, and good advice. I think madam Siyuni can’t believe she has reached the end of her journey as DPP. This is what happens when you disrespect others. Siyuni appears to be in the group of PF pipo who, even after govt changed to UPND, they still think PF is bigger than UPND and that they can continue with their impunity they were known for. How dare one could think like that. And her fight to remain DPP seems to be anchored on her wanting to continue defending the PF criminals so that they (the PF) continue thinking they are still on top of power! And to keep their loot. But this now seems a tall mountain to climb. Let her accept that PF lost power. Let her accept that whoever stole public funds in PF deserves prison, she needs to leave them alone lest she gets burnt. Already she is going down with them. Why should she care so much? Are there promises she has to fulfill? Forget about those, bcos the situation has changed. Let her accept that she is just an individual, the rest is the state and she can’t fight the state especially that her arguments, whatever, are weak.


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