Dr. Tasila Tembo’s Murderer Claims She Jumped From Moving Car

Tasila Tembo

Dr. Tasila Tembo’s murder-accused, Lieutenant Nigel Mwaba, today, broke down in court during his defense prompting the court to briefly halt proceedings to allow the accused to regain composure.

In his defense Mwaba told the court that Dr. Tembo, who was his girlfriend, died due to injuries she sustained after she jumped from a moving vehicle.

Mr. Mwaba says, the incident happened after he discovered nude pictures in Dr. Tasila’s phone, which he claims the deceased shared with a pastor, only identified as Jimmy and in anger she jumped out of the car he was driving.

Lieutenant Mwaba says, in a confused state, he decided to abandon the body of the deceased near Mikango Barracks.

When asked during cross examination why he decided to abandon his girlfriend’s lifeless body, the accused claims it was due to shock.

In this matter, the suspect who is a Zambia Army Officer, is charged with the murder of Dr. Tasila Tembo.



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