A cheating Harare man betrayed his wife after he employed his girlfriend as a maid at their matrimonial house.

Latewin Katuvi dragged Taraziva Samani to the Harare Civil Court to answer to allegations of abusing her, by sleeping with his now second wife at their matrimonial home.

She has applied for a peace order.

Katuvi claimed her husband was having sex, on their matrimonial bed with his second wife, who he introduced as a maid.

“This man is abusing me both physically and emotionally and I don’t have peace of mind.

“He employed his girlfriend at our house and, to make matters worse, he was having sexual intercourse on our matrimonial bed.

“As if that was not enough, he recently assaulted me with a wooden stick to the extent that I was hospitalized,” she said.

In response, Samani did not oppose the allegations.

He argued he was not assaulting his wife but they were fighting and he shouldn’t take the blame alone.

“I am not assaulting her but we were fighting, she also attacked me,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Mashavire granted the peace order in Katuvi’s favour.


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