DRC Soldiers Continue Killing Our Truck Drivers As Zed Govt Remain Quiet…


By Thomas Sipalo


Zambian truck drivers continue being killed by heartless Congolese soldiers inside DRC as Zambian government continue playing sojo.

All complaints by Truck drivers just land on deaf ears as the Zambian Government officials seem to be too occupied to attend to the drivers problems,driving inside DRC is now a thousand ways to die for our local drivers…

It’s not once or twice I’ve heard about the brutal killing of our Zambian drivers in DRC,the situation need to be attended too urgently and be treated with urgency cit deserves, we demand that, the Copperbelt minister Hon Elisha Matambo arrange an emergency meeting with his Congolese counterpart to end these killings now!!!!
failure to which we shall influence our Zambian drivers to boycott taking goods to DRC, vife na njala….

Why should our drivers be getting killed by Congolese soldiers as we watch,when we can engage the DRC government to take their people?

Besides if a truck driver is killed in DRC ,the Congolese Govt demands for $8000 (K120,000) for the body to be repatriated back to zambia ,which is unaffordable to main families, sometimes some families end up leaving the bodies in Congolese morgues.

Enough is enough,our drivers need protection.

May the soul of our murdered drivers rest in peace…

God protect our drivers…

Meanwhile dstv prices must fall.

Anyone to help me with contacts for Copperbelt PS’s and the Provincial minister…

WARNING to sensitive viewers as some of the pics are too graphic 😭😭😭😭

Thomas Sipalo.


  1. Revenge is needed on the local roads which Congolese driver enjoy driving on and buy anything edible to take back to they families in congo. Its equal treatment that ll harmonise their barbaric actions

  2. DRC needs it’s neighbours to survive. So let the Government needs to address this serious problem now. Let all member countries in Southern Africa band the movement of all goods including their copper. Let them come their senses through starvation. Let sanctions be a tool to teach countries to respect our neighbours and treasure economic services from their neighbours as a life line. What type of primitive thinking is this.

    Why should a country be loosing it’s citizens in this way. We demand for an immediate response to these very serious and alarming reports. The Ministry of Commerce , Ministry of Transport and communication and the Ministry of defence need to react to these issues.

    Next, there will be a massive strikes by the drivers truckers association that will take place. No doubt the offenders and attackers as alleged want to send a message of crippling the economy of DRC. This should not be at the expense of our citizens lives.

    Prompt response and action is needed here, there is no need for this brutality.

    Since it’s not safe to transport goods to DRC let all movement of goods by our local drivers seize immediately to preseve life till this issue is sorted out.

  3. It’s a lawless place, so to force them to creat a conducive environment for business let all drivers boycott the Congo route!! Lack of economic activity and hunger will make them come to their senses!! Alternatively let’s have a dry port at the boarder so they can use wheelbarrows to take goods into Congo since they seem too uncivilized to allow trucks into their poverty stricken, lawless country!!


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