EARLY LEAD: Katumbi Maintains Lead In DRC Presidential Vote

Katumbi, Tshisekedi

EARLY LEAD: Katumbi Maintains Lead In DRC Presidential Vote

Early results on Thursday in the DR Congo’s presidential election continues to show opposition Congo Ya Makasi coalition candidate Moïse Katumbi leading, according to the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI).

Although not certain, CENI claim 70% (25,567,993 votes) of voters have so far managed to cast their ballots with Katumbi having an edge over incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi.

Katumbi leads the poll so far with 12,723,452 votes which represents a decent 48.5% rate of the vote with Tshisekedi following second place.

Tshisekedi of the Sacred Union party trails Katumbi and has 10,991,645 votes which is a 43% percentage rate of the vote.

In third position is Martin Fayulu of the Lamuka Coalition, who has 1,531,034 votes which is just 5% with Denis Mukwenge coming in fourth position.

Voting in various parts of the DR Congo continues following the failure by CENI conclusively hold the election on Wednesday.

Reports indicate that Katumbi is expected to maintain his lead in the next round of updates where consolidated results from regions considered to be his strongholds will be


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