Emmanuel Chilekwa writes:

Wonders of reversal gear doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. I thought we have had enough of dununa reversals, alas, we still have more coming – this time a MINISTER urging Zambians to ditch nshima and take to imbibing potatoes, what a joke.

But on this one, it is what one can call “the climax of ultimate declaration of NO HOPE IN HELL” I suppose.

It is acceptable for this team to fail to provide jobs, reduce taxes, provide more money in people’s pockets because these are COMPLICATED issues of macro and micro pandamonic aspects. BUT, to get to a level of prompting us to change the way we eat our Five Finger meal is not only an insult to our norms, but a disregard and lack of appreciation of what we cherish as Zambians.

When I say this current Team of leaders’ BEST efforts fall short of the country’s MINIMUM expectations, this is just but one example. If this Team can’t even help provide affordable NSHIMA, what can they then be able to deliver?

Even loafers do struggle to put nshima on the table. So leaders ought to do more than loafers. But to discourage us from continuing our great staple food is simply tantamount to them declaring ati “muntu wandi, seo nzelu zasilila pamenene apa, talepela, basi.” WHO fails to provide nshima?

Does this Die Hard Minister know that Nshima (ugali, sadza, ubwali, nsima) is the BIGGEST opposition party to ANY ruling party since 1986? How old was this (ex-MMD) Die Hard Minister when the people of rose when KK and his UNIP touched NSHIMA? Can this Provincial Minister remember the Catholic Publication called ICHENGELO and Fr Umberto or Fr Miha?

Even the late blind folk-lore musician, PK Chishala warned then President KK to increase prices of anything else EXCEPT nshima because that is the stasple food for the ordinary suffering poor majority. If a blind man could tell what is imnportant, how come a sighted Minister like Die Hard Bowman Lusambo could fail to decipher this simple fact?

From time immemorial, IF a home doesn’t have a bag of mealie meal, then that home is under serious abject poverty. And TODAY, this Minister says we need to change our eating habits? Someone please send this Minister to Nigeria and go tell them to stop eating yam.

May be let him go to India and tell the Indians to stop munching rice, or go to UK, USA and tell them to ditch bread and chicken curry for sweet potatoes.

People of Zambia, when a football players gets tired on the field of play, the BENCH is there to welcome such a player. This what this present Team is telling us Zambians – “Please substitute us, we can’t score goals but now scoring in own nets.”

There are numerous coaches with great players in the dressing room – KBF, HH, Kalaba, CK, M’membe, Steve Nyirenda and even Muliokela for God’s sake.

It only reminds me of one European leader who got surprised that her people were saying they were unable to afford buying bread, so she urged them to instead eat cake.

I listened to the Lusaka Provincial Minister urge the citizens of Zambia to stop what he termed as “nshima not being our staple food”, he was live on radio yester morning.

For once, I wondered on which planet this Die Hard fellow was living. I like his energies in most things he does but I guess, the man has truly run out of practical ideas and approaches. He has lost touch with reality. I know for sure that the minister himself may not have grown up to this day eating potatoes.

If salaries are being slashed down, now the minister wants to trash our five finger meal. Trust me, this team is OUT OF TOUCH with reality. They are on another planet, not on earth in Zambia.

I repeat to say that to award this TEAM a further five years is inflicting mental torture on them, believe me. What they are saying and doing can never be said by a team of leaders in charge of managing the national challenges.

It is not time to blame one man at Plot One, the issue here is that he doesn’t have a Team to help paddle the boat to the shore.

Does Minister Lusambo know the cost of a 10kg bag of potatoes? It’s between K55 and K65. How many days can an average Zambian afford to live on potatoes? Potatoes often need saladi, that is another K50. Well, I think this die hard minister is just not living in Zambia. He surely doesn’t know what makes a Zambian. He is on Cloud 9 of life.

Emmanuel Chilekwa


  1. Brother Chilekwa, Lusambo the so called die hard who failed to stick to MMD but scampered to PF where he had smelled UKULYA FYONSE MWIBALA LYABENE NOKUBASHILAMO ABENE UTUNONO SANA is nothing but an adult with the mind of a toddler. You know every time he opens his mouth only political sewerage spews out so the least Zambians can do is lobby for his dismissal, but who on earth can sack his chief Bootlicker? By the way P.K. Chishala sang Common Man during Chiluba’s rule not Kaunda’s. Rumour has it that Chishala lost his job in one of the government departments because of that song.


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