Edgar Lungu


By Michael Nyumbu

UNITED Party for National Development Youth Chairperson for Mobilization Trevor Mwiinde says the political comeback of sixth President Edgar Lungu was long anticipated as he is a bitter man.

Mwiinde remarks that the former Head of State is bitter as he has allegedly not recovered from the defeat he suffered in the 2021 General Election.

Regardless, Mwiinde says the UPND will not pay Lungu much attention and will instead focus on delivering on its campaign promises to the people of Zambia.

And, Mwiinde dismissed claims that his party is behind the power struggles in the Patriotic Front – PF, saying the UPND is more focused on working for the good of the Country.

Elsewhere, Human Rights and Political Activist Maiko Zulu says former President Edgar Lungu should never be trusted with the highest office the Country again.

Zulu tells Byta FM News that the former President is still sounding as arrogant as before and has not changed.

He said Zambia was turned into a war zone under the rule of Lungu, adding that it is not surprising to see caders resurfacing upon the former Head of State announcing his comeback.

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  1. ECL is a thug and a warlord!
    He is as unstable as water!
    ECL is not Zambia’s Messiah!
    Now that UPND has achieved Debt restructuring and created headroom for social spending, the vultures have woken up and want to come and reap where they have not sown to take us back into a deeper debt crisis.
    Zambians are going through hardships because of the debt mess ECL and gang left behind!
    Zitibwelela monga Akavindele!
    Olo ka unga kafike pa K1,000, sitibwelela to malusi ya PF!
    Tizalibikila kulima!
    Bazavutika niba mu town balibe minda! Ise tinakondwela kugulisa chimanga pa mtengo wa K300 per 50kg bag!
    Multiply that by 1,200 bags!

    • Where are these deaths occuring?. I have plenty of maize grown in my munda kumuzi kwithu. I want to donate. I have not heard of any deaths due to hunger. I want to give my maize to people alive not kupasa pa malilo.

  2. AS a Zambian, anybody,including ECL,has the right to choose whether to Join or rejoin politics or otherwise.The most important issues that ECL has overlooked are:1.To denounce the brutality Zambians went through at the hands of Cadres. 2.To apoologize to Zambians for losses of life at the expense of indiscriminate police Shooting at crowds.3. To share with Zambians that gasing of Zambians was regretable.4.To talk about whether participating in 2021 was Constitutional AS it was believed or alleged that he was participating for the third term,which would be unconstitutional according to Zambia ‘s Constitution.5. He has never admitted that he was very weak AS a Boss,hence pipo were doing things on their own, atleast majority of Officers.6.Recruitment of Young people for jobs was based on Cadreism,right now more Teachers,Police Officers,medical Staff etc have PF genetics. The list is endless and for me a leader who does not talk about past failures is not good enough for the job.It reflects some degree of arrogance and impunity,the I don’t care mindset.Having said this ,I do know that any person adding voice in the list of Opposition is not considered an enemy in my view but a useful too for the ordinary Citzen.We need a strong Opposition in Zambia,not only against HH Admin but against any other future AS well as current Leadership.Survival lies entirely on quality of Opposition.Finally the Constitution of our country must be revisited to amend what made ECL able to contest 2021 elections,the choice of Speaker of National Assembly ( must not belong to any party) this makes the Speaker biased,it is normal.The list going into the Constitution is deeper too.From Berlin.


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