ZAMBIA’s Sixth President Edgar Lungu has pledged that should he be given another change and chosen to lead the country as head of State, courtesy of Zambians, he shall endeavour to provide the best leadership, having been President before and having lost an election.

“If I come back as President when Zambians decide, I will provide the best leadership together with my colleagues. But I am willing to serve under any one from the college of leaders (in UKA),” former President Lungu said.


  1. Gosh the seven years he drunk Jameson on tax payers bill was not enough. I hope he did not say this nonsense. Amano yakwa KK is no longer tolerated.

  2. Meaning he will lock up HH and all he feels are a threat to him and reposses from the state all properties they took away from his wife children and side piece and friends. Then he will declare himself life president and within three months him and his goons will have ransacked the country.

  3. You had a chance to show as your leadership qualities
    The fact that you are saying you will be a good leader tomorrow means that you were a bad leader yesterday. No more experiments you did more damage than good

  4. ECL will NEVER be in power again.

    There were better former Presidents who tried this before and they all failed.

    Zambians hate going backwards.

  5. How can you will be a better leader, when you have not seriously apologised to people the areas you were a bad leader. How can we trust you have been changing statements everyday.
    1st you said you have retired from politics.
    2nd You can back in politics to help PF not to go down
    3rd From noway you formed UKA and you said not interested in Presidency but helping
    4th Now you are telling us to bring you back to presidency.
    For your information with your limited minions Zambia is bigger than ECL. Even if UPND fails we gave you opporttunity will move to another leader don’t be fooled Zambia is not centred only on ECL and HH. So just keep quite and do something else.

  6. There are 20 million Zambians in the queue baaba. Go to the back of the queue. You had your chance. Even Tasila is now in front of you.

  7. Oh Sheepy ones, Beware of the Wolf when they promise to become Vegetarians once voted back into power!
    Let’s choose someone else away from HH and ECL!

  8. If he is to come back “God forbid”younger Malawians will come to vote in Zambia.Registration of voters will only be done in perceived PF strong hold while pretending there is no.power in opposition perceived strong hold.Proceed of crime properties will be grabbed and demand for damages.People will be arrested on flimsy charges.Economy will go down big time.Donor aid will be zero.Cadres back on stations and market.Council workers back to hunger.People will be beaten.

  9. Adada ,I liked for one thing, true to your word. Ati I have no vision, there it was,vision less Zambia under your helm..What I don’t know your stealing of public resources whether it fell under no vision.
    This country doesn’t need you any more and you are lucky that you aren’t in prison.

  10. Sir, are you sure that those cadres who controlled you will not come back with you if people voted for you, are you sure the Kampyongo, Lusamboz, and all those people needing leadership lessons will not come back with you. I doubt it and for that reason l urge all well meaning Zambian’s never to make that mistake

  11. Mr. Lungu, you cannot fool anyone. You robbed a window and when you were given a second chance as President, you robbed a whole nation leaving it under debt shock.

    You have shown absolutely no remorse for the immense damage you did to our country in every conceivable way. You actually think that your performance was good.

    Your coming back is driven by survival instinct, the desire to protect your ill-gotten wealth and avoid conviction and a possible jail term for self and members of your family.

    You don’t really care about the welfare of the country and this was seen in the way you ruled. Furthermore, you are still sorrounded by the same people who helped you run the country into the ground, Lubinda, Nakachinda, Mwamba, Mundubile, Lusambo. The list is endless. These are the people who define your character.

  12. Mr Lungu, you had two chances; dubious ones for that matter! In the first case you armed the PF to the extent that the cadres became untouchable by stealing government contracts and doing shoddy works. They were paid in full but without doing the jobs. Secondly, you plunged this country into heavy debts , like never seen before. The economy went into recess except for PF candres. You had no clue to manage the economy of this country. You never cared about the future if this country other than yourself, PF cadres and your family. Today all your family members are before the courts if law! And really a second chance for what? To come and kill us completely? No ways bwana! You are a violent man sir

  13. What a Joker. Still wishing to come back. Your time is gone ediga go and do other things because zambians won’t be kind to you anymore if you persist to come back including your own PF save for a few thieves with court cases they don’t want you back.


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