ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano

ECZ CEO Patrick Nshindano has been fired with immediate effect in what appears to be a cleansing moment.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano has left his position of ECZ CEO.

This is according to a statement issued by the Commission.

Below is the full statement.

Mutual Separation from the Commission – Chief Electoral Officer

The Electoral Commission of Zambia would like to announce the mutual separation of the Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Kryticous Patrick Nshindano from the Electoral Commission of Zambia effective 7th August 2022.

The agreement was reached by both parties in a Commission meeting of 2nd August 2022.

Mr. Nshindano served the Commission since August 2019 and has been instrumental in a number of innovations that have seen the Commission transform and deliver credible elections.

The Commission would like to advise all electoral stakeholders and the general public that it will notify them of consequent appointments once these are effected.


  1. If it is true, it calls for celebration. But let these people not go scot free for fraudulent and sham elections

  2. These are the people who cleared Malanji. It was long overdue.
    The way this guy was behaving during the last two elections as the CEO of ECZ was purely a pf cadre mentally.
    Good luck as you join us in the streets.

  3. Wow!!…. this has been long overdue. What a clean up, this is real pruning, slashing, disinfecting, decontaminating, sanitizing, washing and thoroughly cleansing the system. I have not forgotten Chilubi by-election where the opposition could not sell their message to the electorates as they were driven out of the area by pf police then, now Zambia police service. These Nshindano grouping went ahead and declared that biased election as free and fair. Well done whoever has fired!

  4. He was on contract so can’t really be fired as such. They just agreed to mutually part ways obviously after being offered a hefty sum.


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