21st September 2022 marks an important day for the Edgar Lungu Foundation as we joined the rest of the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace. This day reminds us of our duty to always do our part towards fostering global peace.

The world has witnessed the devastation wars and conflict has done to humanity. As evidenced in the Ukrainian conflict and some African countries, millions of people have fled their homes and businesses to seek refuge in countries where they struggle to reconstruct their lives. The warning by Martin Luther King Jr that ‘if we do not put wars to an end, wars will put mankind to an end” is more real today if we don’t do anything to stop these wars and conflicts.

As a Foundation, we call upon everyone to rise to the occasion and ensure peace prevails at all times. Peace is paramount to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. We believe peace to be a bedrock of humanity’s existence. With peace among us, we can dedicate concerted efforts to surmount natural calamities such as Pandemics, Climate Change, Hunger, and Malnutrition.

Now is the time to bring peace to our communities, nations, continents, and the world. Those in pursuit of peace must begin to work with their enemies because it is by working with enemies that we turn them from enemies to partners.

H.E. Dr. Edgar C. Lungu
Sixth President of the Republic of Zambia &
Chairman – Edgar Lungu Foundation


  1. You are better off keeping quiet. What global peace are you talking about when your rule in Zambia was full of blood letting through pangas and killing of innocent Zambians at the hands of PF cadres you employed in the police or those you supported at Chawama barracks and at the markets and bus stops. How different can the Ukrain war be to the killings that took place in Zambia. Think of gassing as well. I don’t think Zambians want to hear good will messages from you on global peace because Edgar Lungu you do not cherish peace.

  2. Firstly, you do not prepend Dr. to your name when the doctorate is honorary. You should have been advised accordingly.
    Secondly, why are you interested in peace now when you ignored the violence perpetrated under your regime?
    your foundation is a money laundering exercise, period.

  3. The devil himself talking about heaven? The chi foundation is just a smoke screen for laundering stolen wealth of the country.Why did edgar lungu NOT talk about peace when he was superintending over the affairs of Zambia? Gassing, extra judicial killings, caderism, threatening the opposition with imprisonment for expressing interest to rule this country, burning of markets and blaming the opposition? Like i said, it is like lucifer himself preaching about heaven.IT CANT NEVER!

  4. Lungu, father of corruption and tribalism
    A failed lawyer and a visionless fake leader.
    The king of drunks
    The king of thives
    The king of state capture
    The king of satan

  5. But this Edgar LUNGU will remain a joke for hundreds of years to come. So this is when he is realizing the importance of peace after presiding over a criminal, segregative and plunderous pf regime. This is nonsense well meaning Zambians should never entertain.


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