Edgar Lungu has been linked to suspicious money transactions


Yes, former Zambia President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been linked to suspicious money transactions in EswatiniEdgar Chagwa Lungu has been linked to suspicious money transactions in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) ¹:

– Zambian financial crime investigators sent a confidential memo to their counterparts in Eswatini regarding allegations that Lungu had “accumulated wealth through corrupt activities”
– The memo also raised concerns about Zambian-Swazi construction magnate Michelo Shakantu, who is married to Eswatini’s minister of foreign affairs and former justice minister

– One of Shakantu’s companies, Inyatsi Road Construction, was alleged to have obtained road construction contracts and offered bribes in the form of land and monetary gifts to high-profile individuals, including Lungu

– In 2018, Shakantu allegedly bought a plot of land for Lungu at a luxury golf estate in Eswatini, which was not declared

– The memo was dated August 2019, but it wasn’t submitted to the Eswatini Financial Intelligence Unit (EFIU) until December 2021, after Lungu lost the presidential election

– The EFIU found that the Nkonyeni property was owned by the Link Trust, which was represented by Shakantu, linking him to Lungu, but the property was not registered to Shakantu or his company

– The EFIU also found suspicious transactions involving Shakantu and his associates, including large volumes of cash payments and questionable transactions involving Swazi Mobile, a telecom company


  1. Fishing expeditions on behalf of the most hateful creatures God has created.
    These stories please , get note of them and sue the culprits after 2026 as now going to. Judiciary which is corrupt and incompetent, compromised and only serves the Zambezi region is shall of waste of time, resources and energy to sue


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