1. This woman seem to be confused. On one hand she wants government institutions like ACC to be autonomous but on another hand she wanted the president to interfere in the operation they were accused of conducting at UCZ headquarters (I’m saying accused because ACC denied ever conducting such a search).

    • Absolutely confused. He had earlier called Mwanawasa a cabbage, just to condemn his leadership. Because she wants to see a weak and unprincipled leaders like Chiluba and Edger Lungu

  2. She is to blame for everything Bally is doing
    As she admits putting Bally to lead them.
    She is to be blamed for putting Bally incharge
    During privatization when she was Minister
    Of Finance.

  3. Articulate, factual and to the point is Madame Nawakwi.
    From how HH rode on a tribe to get the UPND presidency, to his use of the UDA alliance, his unexplained wealth, his role in Privatisation, the current corruption, Aflife Tender all laid bare.
    The Person in Mr Hakainde Hichilema, his know it all approach, dysfunctional cabinet, ego mania, chaotic policies in Economy, Agriculture, Energy, Education, Mining and Health etc
    His use of ACC to persecute Political opponents, the shredding of the independence of investigation Agencies, moving them to his community house..his house.
    His defeatist Foreign policy which has seen the malignment of Zambia in African subregion and the African continent.
    Madame Nawakwi you are a reservoir of knowledge..These are the leaders we need.
    We will support you against impostors who are not taking us anywhere.
    May God be with you. We are listening.


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