Kasonde Mwenda

Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President, Kasonde Mwenda, Questions HH’s Request for Supplementary Budget

“…..with all due respect, Mr President Hakainde Hichilema, What is going on?

…….in just 7 months ati the money has finished I need a supplementary (additional) budget of K22 Billion, really?

Where has the K123 Billion gone when you still havent even built a single toilet?..the Roads are still deplorable death traps, CDF is less than a quarter distributed, Hospitals till have no drugs…

How can a serious president be asking for more funding for FISIP in July when FISIP should have been delivered in April.

It is impossible to develop with such mediocrity….what surplus when we are reeking in deep debt and in September we will be needing to pay $750million debt?

This president is just becoming a common liar now. How is it not nkongole when your budget is Nkongole funded?

I pray for a day when our eyes will open, that’s the day we will win this country back and put this drama to an end. These UPND are directionless jockers.

This one is a total SCAM of a leadership! May God help us.”

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


  1. You are just scared that the supplementary budget will deliver more for our people and you as opposition will have nothing to talk about . We know you, ati bally should fail, in your dreams. He will not fail olo mudyake pantambo. Ten months and you can now see ka, things are happening. Rant all you want mr joker of a politician. Elyo you seem to be angry all the time, do you have personal issues?

  2. How many people in total followed you in the last general election?
    Your answer will show if you have a head and direction otherwise be silent and watch double Hs vision before yours is made


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