Energy Regulation Board has adjusted upwards prices of petroleum products by K1.80 ngwee for Petrol, K2.37 ngwee for diesel and K2.51 ngwee for kerosene.


  1. Just adjust it to K30 and give Zambians a 6 months break from these monthly tortures!
    Businesses need to plan ahead and you can’t plan properly with these piecemeal adjustments!
    If inflation is truly coming down, the adjustment should have been marginal!
    What is the real job of ERB?
    What they do is something that can be done by a Department in the Ministry of Energy!
    ERB looks like akalilo for some of our living Ancestors!
    There must be serious forward-looking Military Style Strategic planning for the future of the nation’s Energy needs!
    We can’t afford to leave energy issues entirely in the hands of the private sector! We must begin to build Serious National Strategic Fuel Reserves to be able to cushion the citizens against external shocks. It’s not enough for ERB to be telling the nation why they are increasing. The citizens are intelligent and they know what is going on internationally! The question is what have you been doing to prepare for these bad times?
    If there is one thing that will cost UPND, it will be their failure to manage the critical Energy Sector!

  2. In Zambia inflation goes down while prices of goods and services continue skyrocketing. What an economic controversy! We’re being fixed and manipulated.


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