Eric Chanda

Eric Chanda petitions parley to declare Zambia Socialist State

POLITICAL nomad Eric Chanda has petitioned the Zambian parliament to declare Zambia a Socialist State.

Chanda, who in the last 10 years has juggled himself amongst different political parties including PF UPND, Democratic Front among others wrote to the National Assembly on June 27, 2022.

He stated that the country needed to do away with Western capitalism ideologies and adapt the Chinese socialist ideal.

Chanda explained that capitalism Ideologies that were adopted by the MMD in 1991 had only led the country into poverty and made economic development lag.

“It is evident that the Western capitalism has plunged Zambia into a huge debt crisis with no tangible source of income that can be used to repay such debt,” the petition read.

Chanda also cited in his petition that all the resources that Zambia struggled to build during Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s 27 years tenure were nowhere to be seen.

“Over 250 campanies belonging to the Zambian people have been grabbed by imperialist during the process of implementing Western capitalism.”

“How shall Zambia repay it’s debt?” Chanda questioned.

Chanda further stated that western capitalism has resulted in economic polarisation where a few Zambians have ammased great wealth while the majority are only living to meet their basic needs.



  1. Warming: please don’t take what this man says seriously. As we know him , he will soon resign from socialist party and deny ever having said what he is now saying. For the record, how many political parties has this man served?

  2. Only the Lazy ones want Socialism! Hard workers hate the idea of Socialism!
    Look how Chanda contradicts himself because he is lazy even when it comes to reading!
    The 250 companies he is talking about were created through Capitalism during the pre-independence colonial era.
    KK Nationalized some of them and failed to run them. KK and UNIP were sustaining loss-making companies through more borrowing! That’s how Zambia became highly indebted poor country!
    MMD corrected this by reintroduction of Free Enterprise! Yes, some companies were ransacked instead of getting them recapitalized. Most Zambians hate the idea of Privatization out of ignorance. Just because MMD mismanaged the process does not mean it was a bad move! Zambians were too used to free things! When you take away free things, it’s the lazy ones who suffer!
    Socialism teaches us to give a man free Fish, which is not sustainable and this is what leads to bad national debt.
    We saw how PF brought back Socialism and today, we are back in bad debt!
    Did you know that Socialism is not a Biblical concept?
    In the Sabbath Commandment, God commanded us to work Six days in a week! How many days of work do you put in! God did not say “Six days you MAY work,” He said “SIX Days you SHALL work!” Exodus 20:9.
    Oh, so you thought the Sabbath Commandment was only about rest? Laziness is a Sin!
    He who does not want to work must not eat – 2 Thessalonians 3:10!
    There are some who spend the whole week on the Mountain praying. You wonder when they work for their bread. And these are the Lazy ones Socialists want Capitalists to subsidize? There is no such a thing as Free Lunch!
    The parable of the talents drives the point home, Matthew 25:14-30. It’s a Capitalist concept! One was given 5 talents and doubled them. Another was given 2 and doubled them. Another was given ONE but went and buried it instead of depositing it in the bank to earn interest … Kikikiki
    Whoever has, more will be given to them. Whoever does not have, even his clothes he thinks he has will be taken away!
    When Jesus said “Blessed are the poor in Spirit,” he was not referring to the physically poor! He was referring to those who thirst and hunger for the righteousness of God! Matthew 5:3,6.
    In other words, Jesus was referring to the Pharisees who thought they knew everything. Which Cup is easy to fill, a full cup or an empty one? If you want to make Mazoe drink and one cup is completely filled with water and the other one is maybe half full, which one will you fill?
    The same it is with persons who are today full of wrong teaching, they can’t be convinced otherwise.
    It’s a dangerous thing to be indoctrinated and boxed in!
    Open-minded ness is healthy!
    You have to aim to learn something new every day! New learning leads to UNLEARNING of old wrong knowledge!
    We should never go back to Socialism! We should actually put it in our Laws so that no one just wakes up from under a rock to declare a nation this or that!

  3. Some people get into politics because they have nothing to do like Eric Chanda. An empty brain is easier to fill up with anything good or rubbish. Eric goes to join other mad people and he becomes critically mad.


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