Ethiopian dispute prompts Eritrea to “voice support for Somalia”


Somalia’s president says the president of Eritrea has promised to support Somalia’s control of its own land, as there is disagreement with Ethiopia about a deal for access to the sea.

Eritrean leader Isaias Afwerki expressed his position in a meeting with Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud yesterday, according to the state-run Somali National News Agency.

The story was told.

The leader of Somalia said similar things to the Eritrean media, but there was no official statement from Mr.

Mr Mohamud visited Asmara for two days. He talked to Mr Afwerki about the sea access problem.

Trouble started last week when Ethiopia made an agreement with Somaliland, a place that says it’s its own country.

The deal would let Ethiopia use a port in the breakaway region for trade and military purposes.

Somalia said the deal is aggressive. It thinks Somaliland is a part of its land and promised to protect its own control.

No other country or big group in the world thinks Somaliland is its own country.

President Mohamud said his government will ask for help from any friend who is willing to help us before going to Asmara.

The media in Somalia said that Mr. Mohamud will go to Cairo shortly because he was invited by the Egyptian leader, Abddul Fattah al-Sisi.


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