hiphop artiste Mulaza Mark Kaira alias Macky2 has challenged the UPND Leader to tell Zambians how he amased so much wealth just after the Privatisation of parastatal mines which he participated in.

Speaking on Hot FM Radio station, the artiste said Mr. Hichilema is running for public office so it should not be a surprise when he is questioned by the citizens on the role he played.

‘They said he benefited alot during the sale of mines while many Zambians were subjected to eternal poverty, and the question we are asking him is very simple-how did he become super rich just after privatisation?’ he said.

Asked if he is still aligned to the PF and if at all he still believes in the leadership of President Lungu, the artiste said he is PF by blood and that he still believes in President Lungu. ‘I’m still PF big time and we are winning again in 2021.’ he said


  1. Even myself I would like to know how the Edgar Changwa Lungu’s k2millon grew to over k20million from 2015 to now. I would also like to know how Edith Nawakwi snatched another woman’s husband. Above all I would like know how yourself Macky2 is so dull and stupid that you can’t understand HH’s explanation on how he became rich. Looks like you can’t understand HH’s explanations simply because your brains shifted from your skull to the stomach. Lastly, how far did you go in your education?

  2. Guys let us respect one another’s opinions. And please just a humble request Don’t You Ever involve yourself in politics if you know you can’t stand diverse views. We blame Edgar of dictating but seems it’s cadres like you who wouldn’t want to understand what democracy and its facets are.
    Someone just throws in a thought and you come out raging like a mad dog. In politics in as much as we lead different parties together at parliament we drink and wine. Don’t kill your brother because of HH or ECL. Be warned

  3. Mark 2or mark ,6.. just stay with your illiteracy… don’t involve your self in politics..and am telling you don’t mess with like cheff 187 or slap D.. who’s your king… better stay put…iwe black mamba…

  4. Had it been Pilato you could have supported his nonsense because he is upnd. Leave Macky2 alone simply exercising his Democratic right. Get it from VJ that and I quote there is no wind of change in Zambia.

  5. No matter how much people talk. HH and his future generation will never suffer even for a single day if they continue to be disciplined.

    HH had an idea that bore fruit. Many musicians in Zambia have shifted from the appetite for such ideas and influence to the appetite of the undergarments.

    HH is is a very intelligent person whose grey matter has fathomed to depths beyond those who may not understand business acumen

  6. Lets bring the two leaders together on a national debate .then let them tell us how they got rich.since some of our people no matter how one explains they are slow to understand.we respect ba presido should tell us how he got rich over night and the opposition presido should tell us how he rich as well.lets put this thing to rest.we are tired of the same old same progress in this zambia of ours.

  7. Macky 10 can just go to hell!! He is az evil as his satanic music. Let him just wear his evil spirited chains and rings; that is all there is to this kabova.
    He cant even make a woman pregnant. Ilya pregnancy yakwa Hatinga is not his and he knows that. He even knows who made Hatinga pregnant but kept quiet so that she could stay with him. The woman wanted a kid but the fella can’t do nothing, bwamba bakwe tabuima; engine gone.
    He sold his manhood and soul to Satan so that he can be singing. Now he wants to know how HH made his money…. he needs to go to a proper school beyond UNZA and get a consultancy job not singing like a yoyo and playing with likes of Iris Kaingu when his sausage doesn’t even work!

  8. Hey Mark II or whatever they call you please keep your jealous spirit in your ass and just tell your godfather in plot 1 and husband snatcher Edith Nawakwindi to prepare for jail after 12 August 2021 together with daughter Twasila who fenced a government forest reserve. Honestly speaking are you happy the rate at which the economy is declining iwe Mark II? Even if it’s stupidity mentally you should at least open your eyes and see how a common man is suffering due rampant corruption and broad daylight stealing of public funds by your Pornographic Party officials. The Devil will let you down soon and all of you will shed tears of blood. Ba Mwankole imwe, stupid idiots. Your subject matter of discussion must be on how to improve the economy and not how HH became rich because he already told you how he multiplied his cash instead of one who patronized bars and Casinos and even ended up stealing from the poor widow. What a shame!!!!

  9. Stupid mwankole no wonder u fail to impregnate women because whole body is dead nothing is active in you . Why dint you ask your uncle Lungu how he managed to acquire so much money in his account from having a £100. Are u hungry and soliciting for funds from Lungu . Mwembwa mwe ba stupid

  10. for the bars to open at 18.00hrs from Friday to Sunday this assassessment was Done pointing to Lusaka arrangement how they have been doing time again because they wanted to suit people of Lusaka where ecl patronizing


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