Ex-Barcelona and AFCON star Edgar Le accused of making his twin brother replace him and play in the team


A football club in Romania are currently investigating allegations that they fielded an ineligible player, who used his twin brother as a replacement.

Former Barcelona player Edgar Ie who plays for Dinamo Bucharest allegedly used his twin brother replace him in the team and his club may be deducted eight points if they are found guilty of the charges brought against them.

According to reports, Edgar Ie made his sibling to play five games for the Romanian team while posing as him.

Suspicions began to surface when he spoke only Portuguese instead of English despite having played in the Netherlands, Spain, and France,

According to reports from Marca, Former president of Dynamo, Florin Prunea said of the Guinea-Bissau international “It seems surreal.

“I wondered if he was still sleeping, and I started making phone calls, talking to friends. The news is true, I can't believe it. Nobody denied it. I found out that he has a twin brother who also plays soccer.”

The report added that the club requested the player’s driver’s licence as identification but he declined, raising more doubts.


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