Nine Patriotic Front PF Members of Parliament whose seats have been declared vacant by the National Assembly have applied to amend the petition where they were contesting their expulsion.

The nine have filed an application for the amendment of the petition, following the Constitutional Court’s dismissal of their earlier petition in which they challenged the leadership of Mr. Miles Sampa and Mr. Morgan Ng’ona.

The Constitutional Court has since set July 11, 2024 for hearing of an application for the amendment of their petition.

The nine Parliamentarians that filed the petition are Christopher Kang’ombe of Kamfinsa, Ronald Chitotela of Pambashe, Brian Mundubile of Mporokoso, Stephen Kampyongo of Shiwang’andu, and Remember Mutale of Chitambo.

Others are Mulenga Fube of Chilubi, Mutotwe Kafwaya of Lunte, Nickson Chilangwa of Kawambwa and Musonda Mpakata of Lupososhi.

Their matter is before Constitutional Court Deputy President Arnold Shilimi on the quorum with Judges Mugeni Mulenga and Mathews Chisunka.

In dismissing the earlier petition on June 27, the court ruled that the petition was improperly before the Constitutional Court and that the petitioners had not raised any constitutional matters for determination pursuant to article 128 of the Constitution.



  1. So these so called law makers went and filed in an inadequate petition. Mungulu fulu fulu. Even after clocking more than 5 years in parliament they clearly don’t understand the law. Very sad.

  2. Hichilema aletu posela inshita, the earlier he goes the better for the country. He’s the one behind all this. After failing to break the mighty PF party he has now turned to MPs. He’s going to fail even their because chiefs in the Northern part of Zambia are very annoyed with him. Even ukusefya pa ng’wena this year it should be the Litunga to officiate again. Remember the Lozis rejected Hichilema at this year’s Kuomboka, he thought they were joking, he travelled their only to end up walking alone in the sand. The Litunga and Mwinelubemba didn’t even recognize his presence. Lozi chiefs are serious people they don’t like nonsense.

  3. Ba mandanda,how does HH7come in,the whole imingalato started with your MBS,is
    it HH7 who wrote the speaker to declare the said seat vacant?the answer is obsolete no
    At times you need to taste your intelligence before you write or comment on something you don’t understand l,et Paya Farmer resolve their internal issues and put there house in order otherwise this could be the end of Paya Farmer who has 3 presido in two years.


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