Eyes on the ball colleagues, we are not here to serve or satisfy the PF- THABO KAWANA

Thabo Kawana


When we join Civil Service, we sign up to serve wherever we are deployed to and in whatever position.

Similarly, we also sign up to be redeployed to ply our skills in different departments to serve the Nation.

Foreign service has its own structure and the Ambassador or High Commissioner is head of the Mission whilst the Deputy is actually the in charge of the Mission as Controlling Officer. It is the Deputy that deals with all financial, Administration and HR matters at the Mission including recruiting local staff at the Mission. So the Deputy at the Mission reports only to the Ambassador/High Commissioner and the rest of the staff are supervised and report to the Deputy.

Don’t get disrupted by the opposition talk, it’s all cheap. Emmanuel Mwamba himself was PS and later Ambassador, Leslie Mbula was Secretary to Cabinet and later High Commissioner just as several former Commanders of the Army, ZAF, ZNS, OP and ZP got and still get to be redeployed into Foreign Service including Former First Ladies.No one screamed “Demotion”. Why on us?

The tribal card too can’t arise as you all saw late President Chiluba worked with pipo like late Chikwanda as Chief of Staff at State House, late President Mwanawasa worked with bene Jack Kalala, late President Banda worked with bene Dickson Jere and late President Sata worked with bene George Chella whilst President Lungu worked with bene Kaizer Zulu. Why should it be tribal when President HH works with other pipo at State House?

Eyes on the ball colleagues, we are not here to serve or satisfy the PF. We are here to serve the pipo of Zambia with Zambians. And that is what President HH is doing, serving Zambians with Zambians for Zambia. Let’s not get entangled in trivialities, we have a country to run.


  1. Kudos Thabo; this is the Kawana that I know! The boy says as it is and that is why he has made enemies from the PF camp. What he is saying here is totally sensible and one can see the logic except corrupt PF cadres that still think Tongas are fools tat cant see logic. Even Sean Tembo now makes sense in his comments.


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