Faith Musonda

FAITH Musonda is waiting for the police to give her a date on which she can appear before them again for questioning.

But police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the lawyers were supposed to take Ms Musonda for questioning yesterday in the case involving the K65 million cash found at a house in New Kasama last month.

In an interview yesterday, one of the lawyers, Jonas Zimba, said they have been waiting to hear from the police on when Ms Musonda would be questioned.

“It is them [police] who are supposed to tell us when to go, just ask them

– Zambia Daily Mail


  1. The police are out of their depth! The sort of sophisticated crimes they now have to deal with, they need specialist training. Otherwise, non of the lawyered up criminals will ever go to jail! Government may have to send some of our police for training with Scotland Yard!

  2. The problem is that the thieves are now ahead of the game and the Police is playing catch up. If you believe Bally, you are in for a big shock! At the moment he is talking more than he is delivering.

  3. Why take her for another session of more than ten hours when you know she will remain mute, are their no other ways to get concrete evidence?, Zambia Police should have invesigative wings which can come up with unwavering evidence.


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