1. I hope this is fake news.

    The problem is that our president is very soft on crime, as I keep saying. It is now free for all and everyone knows that stealing and corruption bears no consequences.

    We are regressing.

  2. Laughable story indeed, where was it kept after being handed over? Was it kept in the house again? If it was in the house, why again in the house and not at the Bank? Who received and signed for it? Did he hand it back to Faith Munsonda? This person whether male or female should explain and tell the nation what really transpired over the money, moreover, why has it been kept for so long?

  3. It’s a downright lie by News Diggers! The cash is already spent on bursaries for students in tertiary education.

  4. Is this paper worth reading. First they covered the event of handing over of the same funds.

    Then now they cover another message of the handed over funds missing.

    What is the responsibility of the editor? Seems fact checking is not on the job description.


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