Father Kabaso of Mansa Parish says the Church will survive verbal attacks from UPND


  1. The UPND is not in any war with the Catholic Church. Members of the UPND include even Catholics. So what’s this clergyman talking about? If it’s to solicit a response from HH, none will be forthcoming. He’s too busy running the country to fight petty little fights.

  2. Yes, the Catholic church will survive but it is in danger of losing credibility. Lately, the catholic church’s standing has diminished due to the conduct of some of its clergy who fell victim to the perversive reach of the PF.

    Father Lupupa is on record as advocating for rigging of the August 2021 elections. Another priest in Kwacha constituency was a recipient of a Mercedes Benz as a gift from the then MP, Mr. Malanji. Even the Archbishop Alick Banda received a donation of money for some project for priests in Kabushi constituency in Ndola. In terms of engagement with the ruling party, this was unprecedented and I personally was appalled by the level of compromise by the catholic church.

    However, the remarks by the SG of the ruling party, UPND, were uncalled for and beneath his office.

    • The Catholic Church will never lose credibility..It has been in existence from the first Century. UPND is no Match.. Hakainde Hichilema is nothing… Completely nothing. Zero . The Catholic Church has
      seen politicians and leaders for over 2000 years…and Hakainde will be exited into the dustbin but the Catholic Church will remain.

      • Don’t mix the Church of Christ with evil. My LORD. The Lord Jesus Christ does not tell us to hate and keep hatred on anyone. Whatever you are trying to create in the name of the LORD will not work. The great nAme of the LOR will always be above your stomach stuff

      • Ba Road of Shame, there is a difference between losing credibility and losing membership. The Catholic Church can lose credibility if you have clergy who are biased or morally bankrupt. Of course even the most evil cults have adherents. Please, I am not in any way suggesting that the Catholic Church is a cult.

        How did the protestants break away from the Catholic Church? The clergy are not infallible neither are they above criticism. This applies to all religious organizations.

  3. Please stop pushing for the fall out of government with the church. Before you insult me I am full Catholic and we should keep politics out of our church.

  4. UPND is day dreaming and those behind a computer keyboard, in 1990 the mighty KK told catholics that once he wins the elections they will use the Rosary to run on.
    But as the bible say ā€˜ if this Church was started by a human being, it will be destroyed but if if it was God who started it it will live for ever and ever.ā€™
    Pride can make someone feel special and unique but using God given wisdom and knowledge will make you prosperous and over come shortcomings . Prophets warned warned the rulers and kings in the past and they never listened but perished because they could not see or hear what they were being warned of. Rucifer and perpetrator of Rwanda massacre is one of the most notorious criminals comparisons one can compare the Catholic Church
    We will be waiting to see what the general election s will bring and the impact the Catholic community and church will have on the outcome

    • Has anyone got an instrument to identify votes cast by religion? I would like to know how many Catholics obeyed the Catholic priests request to try and rig election. 2 wayward priests do not speak for the entire Catholic church. Let’s differentiate this. Even in other denominations there are wayward priests but when their evil deeds are exposed we do not say that particular priest is speaking for that church. The UPND Alliance govt will be on record among the longest serving govts after UNIP. So stop cheating yourselves that in 2026 they will be kicked out. Kicked out and replaced by who?


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