FAZ’s Last Whistle: Winds of Change To Soon Blow Away a Decade of Chaos!

Andrew Kamanga

FAZ’s Last Whistle: Winds of Change To Soon Blow Away a Decade of Chaos!

Lusaka, June 23, 2024.

The winds of change have gathered momentum, and soon, they will blow away the current regime at Football House.

The acceptance of MUZA’s proposals at today’s FAZ AGM marks the beginning of the end for a decade plagued by football chaos and mediocrity.

For eight long years, our football has been shackled by mismanagement, divisiveness, and a blatant disregard for progress. The culture of hatred and incompetence that has stifled our beloved sport is finally being dismantled. The adoption of these forward-thinking proposals is a decisive step towards reclaiming the glory and integrity of Zambian football.

This is not just a victory for MUZA but for every player, coach, and fan who has yearned for a brighter future. The emergency meeting to table these proposals is a testament to the collective will of the football community to demand better leadership and accountability.

The current regime must take heed—the era of mediocrity is over. The groundswell of support for change is unstoppable, and the days of ruling through fear and failure are numbered.

Zambian football deserves leaders who prioritize development, unity, and excellence. The winds of change are here, and they will soon sweep away the remnants of a failed administration, ushering in a new era of hope and achievement for our nation’s football.

©️ Nkweto Tembwe


  1. There have been some positives in Andrew Kamanga’s administration. Admittedly there have been some failures. Am happy with the Provincial National League.. and the entire structure of Zambian football. Football has gone everywhere in Zambia.
    The thing which has plagued Kamanga is the method he and simaata simaata used to remove Kalusha Bwalya from FA leadership. Kalusha wasn’t given space to work…and completely shutting him from football was wrong.
    I don’t know the motivation behind the Muza Chair man , Mr Mweemba’s obsession with seeing a change in FAZ leadership. He is a relatively new man in football administration….My gut feeling tells me that there’s more than meets the eye…Let us not completely destroy Zambian football..Lets have the AGM, and if there are people with alternative views on how to run football in Zambia, let them sell their ideas to the councillors. No short cuts…and no Politics.

    • Looks like I’ve missed your point, I thought Kalusha lost elections to Kamanga? And you’ve totally left out that Kalusha was convicted by the FIFA on corruption and that record’s still stands. And please don’t hide in the fact that his sentence was reduced he’s still a convict bu FIFA. Nkweto seems to be part of kalu’s supporters that will bend backwards for this convict. Don’t forget the current minister of sport was one of kalu’s campaign managers when he lost to Kamanga so this scheme taibelele!!!


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