H.E President Hakainde Hichilema


Why is it that only two tribes are criticizing the New Dawn government?

See the names below

1. Chilufya Tayali
2. Alick Banda
3. Chishimba Kambwili
4. Stephen Kampyongo
5. Davis Chama
6. Davis Mwila
7. Sean Tembo
8. Georfrey Bwalya Mwamba
And etc

In Zambia there are 73 tribes, does it mean 71 tribes can’t see anything wrong in the new dawn administration and only two tribes can see it?

NOTE: It is not every bemba and Ngoni that is criticizing the New Dawn government but only 0.09 percent are criticizing because of their tribal beliefs that only their tribes should govern a country.

Thanks president HH for unifying all the tribes in Zambia.


  1. Add Emmanuel Mwamba to the list. They all belong to the corrupt and thieving tribe. Even Edgar Lungu’s bootliker, Bishop Alick Banda, is not ashamed of his foolishness!

  2. I will always say this…the very moment you start uttering evil words like “TRIBALISM or RACISM”.
    Just know that you’re a pure product of such belief.

    Why can’t government through cyber crime bill coin these terms or acts to that of sharing or distributing pornographic materials?.
    This government has allowed its cadres to start dividing this country by using inflammatory statements meant to cause rebellion.
    I swear bembaz are not like this but us Tongaz and our cousins Lozi’s.

  3. Most of them were getting honey from the comb so now trying to get back but let’s
    Hope Zambians don’t fall to their plan.

  4. Highly disappointing article and more tribal inclined. Please let’s see each other as Zambians and rushing to tribal analysis. Zambians voted for UPND to be in govt regardless of the tribe and whether good or bad criticism it just there in democracy. If UPND performs people will vote for it next elections. PF tried everything tribal but failed because they failed to perform. If you are UPND just help your part to perform no tribal statements and people will vote for the performer, people won’t eat tribe whether from your tribe or not it is food on the table.


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