Pilato writes;


I have noted an active attempt by PF sympathizers to make us feel guilty or regret that they are now out of power. When we challenged that criminal organization, it was founded on the conviction that it was dangerous for this country and we are not apologetic about it even to this day. The failures or the mistakes of the UPND government does not in any way justify the criminality of the PF. We fought the PF when our freedoms were threatened and we will fight any other entity that will come and try to do the same. We challenged PF corruption and we are not regretting today. We will challenge the UPND corruption even more.

To the PF champions, we are very happy that you lost. We do not regret. History has recorded your criminality in bold letters and nothing can be done to change that.

To the UPND, our challenging of the PF did not mean an automatic endorsement of your policies and attitudes. Your failures and bad policies will be fought with the ferocity it deserves.

We are committed to a better Zambia not to a better political party. The change of Political Parties in government is not enough until there is a practical change in the lived life of our people. No amount of insults or bullying from those that are happy will intimidate our desire for a better country.

Better is possible.


  1. Your are one of the very few patriotic Zambians who don’t look at personal benefits. You don’t look at tribe, you don’t look at region, you don’t look at political party you look at the Zambia we need. Don’t lose focus keep the spirit of being truthful. Although the past has shown people like being bought by political machinery, be a different person. Don’t get discouraged.

  2. Now this is a more sober approach much better than the other article authored by the same earlier today.

    This is the Fumba we know and want. Not this mornings variety. That one no


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