First lady Mutinta Hichilema congratulates former first lady Esther Lungu for graduating with a bachelor’s degree in special education

Mutinta Hichilema writes…

Our warmest congratulations to former First Lady Esther Lungu on her graduation.

You are an inspiration to many girls and women in Zambia that with focus and hard work one can achieve anything they put their mind to.



  1. How did she earn a distinction when she struggles to string a few words together in the queen’s language? Something is seriously wrong with UNZA. No wonder the institution churns out half-backed graduates, especially lawyers who end up with zero professional ethics.

  2. Some people are good at written English but not spoken.
    But congratulations, she will inspire many with her quest to improve herself academically. The distinction though is questionable

  3. Though, I am hardcore UPND, I have a rare appreciation and admiration for our former first lady. Mama accept my heartfelt congratulations, you have inspired so many even when your wicked husband was in office you were always an inspiration.


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