Former Chipolopolo Star Homeless And Stranded In Europe


Zambia’s Hero

He Needs a Passport and Ticket

Former Chipolopolo Star Homeless And Stranded In Europe

Former Zambia National team footballer Johnstone Bwalya is stranded in a foreign country. What a player he was.

Bwalya,known as One-Man-Commando in his hey days was a deadly midfielder and is based in Switzerland.

Johnstone has been unwell since 2016. He is has been unwell. He is homeless and has no documentation of any sort.

There were previous attempts by former Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo went to Switzerland to get him but couldn’t manage because he has no papers not even Zambian a Passport.

They made a passport for him from here but the years differed and it couldn’t work.

Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Affairs have been advised to organize a correct passport for him to be brought back to Zambia.


  1. So who’s going to take care of him when he comes back. Soccer playing is like a job. In his Hay days when he moved to Europe the pays for professional soccer players was not bad. There are slot of Zambians that need help back at home. With very few tax payers the government can’t afford to be looking after everyone. He should approach his former club for a ticket and funds for a passport. Let the government spend resources on more needy ventures. In saying that I used to be a fan of Johnston ‘Anti Robbery’ Bwalya. He probably doesn’t even need any assistance but someone wants to use his name to scam people & make the government look bad.


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