Former Zambia National team footballer Johnstone Bwalya is now stranded in a foreign country. What a player he was.

Johnstone has been unwell since 2016. He is sick, probably even mentally. He is homeless and has no documentation of any sort.

Former Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo went to Switzerland to get him but couldn’t manage because he has no papers not even Zambian a Passport.

They made a passport for him from here but the years differed and it couldn’t work. Kampyongo was organizing a correct passport for him to be brought back to Zambia.

Even his young brother Claude Bwalya now at Choma Eagles has no communication with the man.


  1. Don’t spoil my New Year. You mean our Ministry of Home Affairs is that useless; it doesn’t keep copies of vital documents it issues to its citizens? My goodness me, do we know what it is to be independent when an important national database doesn’t have integrity? It throws into question our capacity to administer justice because the evidence from a national database is accepted by courts as true. This is a serious scandal requiring Jack Mwiimbu’s personal intervention.

  2. Political and African spiritual attitudes are needed here.By the way does this issue prompt a minister’s travel ?What role does the embassy play here or is it playing here ?Care is needed for all citizens both outside n those at home n no one should be left behind.If govt is relactant as has been the case in the past,my humble appeal is to any individual or organization to come aboard and do the needful !

  3. On earth, Government can not fail in such a case. Only when it comes to heavenly issues will they fail. Try this new dawn government.

  4. Rather sad story. However, it is difficult to understand how an entire Government can fail to extract its own citizen from a foreign country. Were his former employers contacted? Who was the players agent? Were former executives at FAZ who were in office at the time he left the country contacted What? What was his residency status at the time the minister went there? Was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs involved in all of this? Or was this merely a citizen funded holiday for the Minister? These and many more unanswered questions.
    In conclusion, the Football Association of Zambia must devise a system that ensures that not only active players are monitored but also those that have retired from active football. Furthermore, ensure that player contracts include a repatriation clause at expiry of contract. For now, can the new administrator please clean up this mess. Both FAZ and Government that is. It is what it is. A total mess.

  5. We are not getting the whole true story here. There is more happening than what has been written.
    Can the Ministry of Home affairs ,please get all the details.

  6. What probably happened is that no one paid attention to whether the uplifting of information from the Ministry of Home Affairs’ copy documents was done accurately. In this country there’s this tendency to be casual about so many things. In some occupations, even a small error can have serious consequences.

  7. That is very sad reading that such a player has ended up stranded in such circumstance far from home. What is even sad is that the govt failed to have him when they had the chance. You do not even need a minister to have the man helped and brought home, we have embassies in Europe that should be able to facilitate his path back home without any hurdles. But incompetence is too much in these embassies because they do not know the purpose of their work. I hope he gets help very soon, it is rough to be abroad and stranded.

    • I don’t know how the other readees failed to notice that it us an old story and the article above is a copy and paste from 4 years ago as you correctly alluded to. Even a Chainama ‘guest’ will point out that in order for him to get from Zambia to where he is, a passport was issued by the Government of Zambia however many years ago. And there should be a file filed away at passport office. What I assume is the problem is that nobody – and I am looking at you GRZ! – is willing to foot the travel bill or expenses associated with repatriation of a Zambian citizen. (

  8. Let’s learn from ( ama amelikanis ) the Americans, if you are one of them then they will get you home no matter what, dead or alive.come what may they will get you back home.

  9. How about if he died, God forbid, would government still fail to transport his remains. Why ignore the plight of a citizen and only spend when they’re no more? There is more to this story.


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