First Lady Esther Lungu


By Darius Choonya

Former First Lady Esther Lungu has resolved to sue the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for alleged refusal to vacate her State Lodge properties.

Mrs. Lungu’s Lawyer, Makebi Zulu, has told Diamond News that she wants the matter to be settled by the court.

On 1st July, 2022, DEC took over 15 flats in Lusaka’s State Lodge which belongs to the former First Lady.

The commission claims that the said properties may have been allegedly acquired using stolen funds.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lungu is expected to appear before the Commission on Wednesday July 12, 2022 for interrogation over the acquisition of the said properties.- Diamond TV


  1. Makebi Zulu will make a lot of money from PF corruption… kikikiki
    Whether he wins the case or not, he will still go to the bank smiling.
    What gives PF the courage to sue is the fact that we still have PF judges and Magistrates serving PF interests!
    New Dawn Government must wake up when it comes to Judicial reforms.
    Even Nyawa’s straight forward case will be mismanaged and it’s UPND that will look inept, incompetent and impotent when it comes to managing cases of corruption!

  2. DEC please don’t be intimidated by these fools . As long as evidence is there Esther will be shy . Where was she in the first place before announcing the ownership of those flats . She was quiet till after the media released the Esther nyawa Tembo’s face who was graduating. If it wasn’t for that she would have remained quiet. So deal with her to set
    example for all the plunderers. Where did she get the money to build . It could be that those flats are for lungu please torture her very very very well aza ulula . ATA the queen was in cells nom a who is she to toss u about . Do not be intimidated twapapata .

  3. The audacity of some people perplexed me. I expected Ester to behave in a dignified manner being the former first lady. Please ACC do not be intimidated by this clique. NEW DAWN GOVERNMENT WAKE UP PLEASE.

  4. DEC requested one Esther Nyawa Tembo to report to their office to provide evidence of ownership and source of funds for the property. She waited until that graduation video was posted exposing her as going by those names. Then instead of responding to DEC request she went to her lawyer with threats! Is her husband who swindled a widow giving her this wrong advice? Thandiwe Banda went through a similar experience with her Mpundu Trust properties. She availed evidence to show she did not use public funds, nor her husband’s influence to get public funds, to have those built and is walking with her head high and enjoying benefits from those properties.

  5. I don’t think I like this woman anymore.

    If she has nothing to hide, why hire lawyers renowned for protecting thieves?

    If the DEC ever did summon me over the 24 houses I own, I mostly certainly would not hire a lawyer.

  6. A strong ego like that of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson is not good. It makes people leave high offices in undignifies manner. Esther Tembo should have simply gone to DEC and sort out the matter without involving lawyers. The fact that she rushed to lawyers shows that there is some hidden information. Anyway let the lawyers eat part of the money also.

  7. Shameless woman! Unfortunately this arrogance from her lawyers will hit her hard in the face. Those properties are clearly proceeds of crime. This former first family has no morals. Her husband during address to parliament said he did not want the state to build him a retirement house as he was capable of building one for himself. Fast forward, he’s booted out of office he rushes to “rent” a mansion from a footballer and the state is renting it for him, how hypocritical!!

  8. It is common sense that one needs a lawyer when you appear before these law enforcement agencies lest they bring up technicalities you may not understand. Meanwhile, Edgar Lungu who was a lawyer before spending 7 years in state house can’t afford to build those houses with his wife? Are lawyers/presidents/first ladies that cheap and poor in Zambia?


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