Hon. Joseph Malanji
Hon. Joseph Malanji

Chibamba Kanyama Writes:

‘Every experience is a book,’ was my response to Costa Mwansa’s question when he ambushed me for a comment on the book ‘CONVERSATIONS WITH MEMORABLE PERSONALITIES’ by Amos Malupenga. I regretted for not having documented high profile interviews with world figures I conducted at the time I was an active journalist. Amos has done it and it’s a worthy read.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji secured the signed copy at K150,000. It was signed by Guest of Honour and Former Republican President Edger Lungu. Guess who else was in attendance – just next to where I am standing!


  1. We all want a copy and I hope both Joe and Edgar read it. FTJ was corrupt and unleashed kwacha on the black market in DRC

    • I also came across information of how Late Chiluba MHSRIEP, off loaded our brand new kwacha notes from printers with Katebe Katoto in the DRC. Such excesses require Zambians to put controls, to avoid abuse.


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