Former state department employee imprisoned over US Capitol riot


A person who used to work for the US state department has been given a prison sentence of almost six years because of what he did during the US Capitol riot.

Federico Klein, who is 45 years old, was found guilty in July of 12 crimes. These crimes include physically attacking police officers and intentionally disrupting an official process.

Prosecutors said Klein was one of the first rioters to go into a tunnel at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“He said he can’t be stopped. ” He used a stolen police shield to keep the doors open.

The ex-soldier tried to resist the officers for over an hour and told other people to harm the police, as shown in the trial evidence.

At that time, Klein was working for the state department as an expert on South America. He got this job when the Trump administration chose him in 2017.

He quit his job on January 19, 2021, just one day before President Joe Biden took office.

Before, Klein was employed by Mr. Trump for his 2016 presidential campaign.

He got sent to prison for five years and 10 months on Friday.

US District Judge Trevor McFadden said that Klein’s actions were very surprising and extremely bad.

The prosecutors wanted the person to be in prison for 10 years.

But in a document before sentencing, Klein’s lawyers argued that the government was making his involvement in the riot seem worse than it actually was.

They said that he should be punished for what he actually did on that day, and not for the worse things that others did.

The lawyers wanted the person to go to prison for 40 days and then be on probation.

Over 1,100 people have been accused of being involved in the riot.


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