Fruits Of The Presidential Trips Abroad Are Getting Ripe In Most Of The Councils



Authored By Mupishi Jones

During the first quarter of this year, President Hakainde Hichilema left Zambia for Europe where he addressed European Parliamentarians.Most of the people will remember one of the President’s phrases during his address that ” Zambia is back in the champions league”

True to his words, these words have become a reality to over 96 local authorities in Zambia as they have received direct benefit of the President’s trips abroad!

In the sidelines to that audience,he held a number of meetings with influential people, people with fingers on the switch buttons of global economies including World Bank and IMF officials.

Back home, the opposition political parties were counting the number of trips he had made that far and claiming they were a waste of resources and fruitless.

Yesterday on 21 December,2023 I was privileged to attend a special committee meeting from one of the local authorities,debating and considering their 2024 budget and later in the afternoon I also attended a special full council meeting adopting the budget.
I’m here to inform those claiming that President Hakainde Hichilema’s trips abroad are worthless to talk to any senior official especially Directors of Finance from most of Local Authorities in Zambia they’d tell you how beneficial those presidential trips are to the communities.
In their 2024 budgets, there’s a budget line under the National Support of a K3.7m grant from the $210m World Bank Zambia Devolution Support Program eminating from those trips abroad.

Earlier this year, President Hakainde Hichilema announced that the World Bank had given Zambia US$210m Grant.This money has been channeled to Local Authorities for Capital projects such as feeder roads and others beneficial to their local communities.This is in addition to the K30.6m CDF Grant to local authorities. Those criticizing the Presidential trips abroad, imagine how those who are benefiting from those trips are silently and privately responding and looking at you?

This has cheered most of the local authorities as it’ll directly improve the infrastructure of their respective districts.Therefore, next time you open your mouth to criticize those presidential trips, remember that there are people analyzing not only the authenticity of your source but also your mental stability to carry out research before you talk
I submit

Mupishi Jones


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