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Following public outcry over the state of the FTJ University which gobbled $33 million, the contractor China Energy Engineering has rushed to the site to begin working on the project.

Government, under the Patriotic Front administration paid China Energy Engineering a total of $33 million but it did not undertake the project for unknown reasons. When the issue was blown by concerned people and following arrests made by government, the PF were accused of plundering the money.

The public outcry has made China Energy Engineering to somehow mobilize itself and rush to the site to begin working on the FTJ University.

As can be seen from the pictures, the works in question seem to be fresh.


  1. Where is Wanyala Lubinda! It takes a working UPND Govt to make a little noise and get greedy PF cadres arrested for corruption and the University has started taking shape.
    So where is UPND wrong?
    So PF was sharing money in abandoned projects, so reckless and heartless .
    We need an explanation from Lubinda and his tandem of thieves. Lubinda is the leader of thieves and we need to hear his word on the strange happenings in Mansa. Bastard Za Yellow Lubinda!!

  2. This is mockery!
    Money released first half of 2018.
    Tayali says $33 Million money is in Bank of China, doing what?
    2018 – money released
    2019 – ??
    2021 – ??
    2022 – FTJ university not found or reported by Nkandu Luo as stolen.
    Contractor resurfaces on construction site?
    Only people who take Zambians as fools do this.
    We should demand the following:
    1. Suspend all works.
    2. Contractor to refund money with interest it has earned over 4 years!
    3. Contractor and PF conspirators in this embezzlement to be rounded up and prosecuted without delay!
    4. Give the contract to another contractor.
    5. Blacklist current contractor from Zambia.
    Can we begin to see action from ACC!
    We are tired of the All-talk and no action New Dawn approach to the fight against corruption!
    Don’t forget to arrest Chilufya Tayali for aiding and abetting a felony.

  3. This chinese company, should be blacklisted, banned, refund the money, be jailed!
    Look for another company. Let the chinese company, with their boss be deported for defrauding the country! This is Joe I hate chinese who come to Zambia. Most of them, are from prisons and are off loaded to africa. I would prefer Americans and Europeans to work in Africa. Niba kelenka sana
    Including Chilufya Tayali, should be jailed!


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