Game-Scout Shot For Denying Her Workmate’s Sex proposal To Wait 3 Months For Bullet Removal From Her Lung


Shot game-scout to wait 3 months for bullet removal

A 38-year-old female game-scout who was shot at by her male counterpart for allegedly turning down a sex proposal while on night patrol will have to wait for three months to have the bullet removed from her body.

This is because surgeons at Chipata Central Hospital are waiting for the gunshot wound to heal before they can remove the bullet from the victim’s lung.

Madrin Phiri, a game-scout at Mkhanya Community Resource Board, was shot on the right ribcage after she allegedly refused to have sex with Peter Tembo while protecting Chief Mkhanya’s livestock from lions.

Chipata Central Hospital head surgeon Richard Miti said the bullet is still in Ms Phiri’s lung.

“The bullet will be removed later on, not now. We will remove it after she completely recovers, then we will come back and plan when we can remove it.”

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail



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