The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has halted the construction of a shopping mall near the President Housing Initiative residential area until the Chinese developer meets all construction requirements raised by stakeholders.

PHI Neighborhood Watch, composed of residents, have since last year been against the construction of a shopping mall in their area citing environmental and security concerns.

Minister in Charge who toured the construction site, Garry Nkombo told s24 in an exclusive interview that dialogue and negotiations between the two parties should be concluded before works can resume.


  1. A listening government. Government of people. This reminds me when residents and people living in , especially immediate neighbors of private morgue built and now functioning , in Elizabeth villa, Lusaka, just few metres behind ZRA headquarter buildings. Residents petitioned the previous gov government not to allow its construction in residential area. Who listened, no body. The owner I believe corruptly and handsomely oiled some crooks in the government to build this mortuary in Elizabeth villa residential area. Most tenants shifted especially those whose houses borders the morgue. Most of hese rental houses are empty.

  2. Going by past experiences of such construction projects, it is highly unlikely that the mall will never be built. The residents must have strong grounds to prevent this project from taking off. Grounds that could have been overlooked in the environmental project proposal which normally should have addressed the concerns of the residents. St.Marys School had vehemently opposed construction of the mall next to the school; houses in Forest 27 are undergoing finishing touches, etc.
    Moreover, there is already a functioning mall in PHI.


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